James Polacek

James Polacek is a young expert on real estate in Adelaide and isn’t afraid to tell the truth about property. If you want to speak with him about selling or renting your property, or maybe you just want some friendly advice, try james@blocproperty.com.au or his mobile 0403 527 398.

Real Estate and Christmas – A Killer Combo

Today is the 19th November and we are inching closer to another festive season. The Christmas Pageant has been and gone and department stores are littered with green and red tinsel and baubles, but what does it mean for property sales? Not good things, unfortunately. Real estate is one of those things that requires people

BLOC Top Tips for Selling

Part of selling real estate is easy. The rest of it, which is the stuff that helps people achieve higher than market prices, low time on market and happy sellers AND buyers, can be tough. Here’s my take on the basics to put you well on the way to a great result. 1. There are

Constant review will reap rewards for your property portfolio

Property investment is incredibly popular in Australia – and why not!? Hundreds of thousands of people continue to make money on property, with capital gains and rental income among the biggest areas of profitability. Because property has performed so well for so long, it is easy to become complacent – many people adopt a buy and

Confused about government housing and construction grants?

The first home owners grant (FHOG) was famously of great assistance to rookie buyers in SA for some time, but the FHOG (for established homes) has now gone, potentially forever. There are still grants available but I am constantly asked how much or who is eligible, so hopefully I can help clarify the situation for

A better way to sell?

What is the best way to sell? It is an age old question which will never die, because each property is different, will attract different buyers, different types of people and be found in different ways – so how does one decide how to sell their home?? Many of us will rely on an agent

Bad agents cost money – choose wisely.

Although this is a biased viewpoint (as a real estate agent myself) I just can’t stand bad real estate agents! It frustrates me that innocent, and likely quite lovely, people are going to lose out on potentially tens (or even hundreds in some cases!) of thousands of dollars by making a bad choice of sales